A closer look at the modern electric and stone faux fireplace.

Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace glass doors and screens are used to keep the flames of a fire safely enclosed while still allowing the comforting heat to pass through.

When it comes to the safety of your family and friends, you should always cover your fireplace.  Most people will use mesh screens or large metal frames.  Instead of having these bulky items in front of your fireplace that children can still get into, try fireplace glass doors.  These can be installed directly onto the frame of your fireplace and ensure that your fire is safely locked off from anyone in the room.  The doors are easy to open for more wood, but will still keep the children out of danger.

You can get fireplace glass doors in a variety of styles. These doors will typically have a plain front, intricate designs, or even a frosted finish.  Along with the styles of the glass themselves, you can also get the frame in a variety of finishes.  There is black pewter, silver, quartz, metallic finish, and even wood frames.    You will always want to ensure that the fireplace glass doors you purchase match the overall fireplace. If you have a wood fireplace you can still use a metal framed glass door, but just be sure that the metal color does not clash with the overall look of your fireplace.  It is very important to measure the amount of space you have in order to fit your fireplace glass doors.  Doors can be custom fitted from a variety of retailers if you cannot seem to find a pre-made size that suits.  If you have children, you may want to invest in fireplace glass doors that lock securely in place so that only a key can open them.

Most fireplace glass doors will range anywhere from $200.00 to over $500.00.  The price will greatly depend on the style of the frame, glass, and any detailing that has been added.  Glass doors with locking mechanisms will certainly cost more than those that are a simple cabinet style.  You should always ensure that your glass doors can handle the heat of your fireplace.  If you have an electric fireplace, be sure the manufacturer has created the glass doors for electric and wood burning fireplaces, rather than just suited for one.  Always read safety reviews and installation instructions to ensure that you place your glass doors on the fireplace properly.

It can be difficult to find a large variety of fireplace glass doors in-store, depending on where you live.  You can easily hunt down a few good varieties online at retailers such as Amazon, Overstock, Fireplace Doors, Manage Engine, or even Northline Express.  Be sure to factor in the cost of shipping whenever you are shopping online.  Often times retailers will offer a low price only to make it up with shipping costs.  Though glass doors can relatively be light in weight, they require special packaging to ensure that they arrive in one piece.  You can visit local retailers such as Home Depot or Lowes to see what varieties of glass doors they carry.  Most of these local retailers can also offer catalogs in which you can order your glass doors directly from them and not worry about the shipping costs or hassles.

A fireplace glass door serves a purpose of style, but also safety.  Ensure that you get the right glass doors for your fireplace that not only have a little personality, but will secure your fireplace from causing harm.