A closer look at the modern electric and stone faux fireplace.

Fireplace Heaters

Electric and propane gas fireplace heaters act just like real inserts and are a great option for any home without a fireplace.

Winter time is about spending time indoors and keeping warm.  Though a lot of us have fireplaces, there are a lot of homes that are without a fireplace this winter season.  A fireplace adds a sense of ambiance to a home that can bring comfort and relaxation.  Though you may not have an installed fireplace, you can purchase a fireplace heater to add the ambiance and warmth to your home just as if you had a real fireplace.  Fireplace heaters are convection heating that have a screen or “mock fireplace”, but emit heat just like a real fireplace would.

Fireplace heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes.  You can find a fireplace heater as small as two feet by two feet and up to six feet in length.  These mock fireplaces can have remote controls so that you do not have to get up from your chair to turn it on.  You can purchase a fireplace heater that can be installed into a faux fireplace mantel or just to standalone on its own.  Always ensure that you purchase a fireplace heater that is safe for the room you intend to place it in.  They should never sit on carpeting and need to be in a sturdy environment and away from anything that can catch fire.  Measure your room and ensure that your heater can be within a safe distance from furniture and other items within the room prior to purchasing and installing your heater.

A consumer will find fireplace heaters that range anywhere from $20 to over $500.  The price will greatly depend on the size and other features that are added into the heater.  A heater with a remote control that is over four feet in size will cost over $250 where a smaller unit without the benefit of a remote control can easily be found for under $100.  If you are on a tight budget, do not sacrifice safety features for overall cost.  Be sure that the heater you purchase is safe for use in your home even if it costs just a little bit more on the pocketbook.

You can find fireplace heaters just about anywhere home goods are sold; which means both locally and online.  If you are shopping online, you may want to visit a few local retailers first not only for price comparison, but also to see what you are purchasing on the internet in person.  Shop online retailers such as EBay, Amazon, Woodland Direct, Fireplaces Now, Home Tips and Home Click.  If you are going to do your shopping locally, visit retailers such as Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and ACE Hardware.  Always factor in the cost of shipping in the event you do purchase your fireplace online.  These devices are not light weight; therefore they will cost more to ship.

A fireplace is a great addition to any room.  Though you may not have the capability to install an actual fireplace, a fireplace heater is a great alternative to still adding that warmth and comfort to your home without the cost and maintenance of a real fireplace.