A closer look at the modern electric and stone faux fireplace.

Portable Fireplace

An indoor or outdoor portable fireplace is most commonly found in electric or propane gas forms and can be easily moved around the home.

During the cold winter, a fireplace can add warmth and character a home that otherwise does not have it.  Though most homes that do not have a fireplace do not have one for a reason, that does not mean that their owners cannot add a portable fireplace into the mix and add that special feeling of a real fireplace without the actual installation.  Even better is their fireplace can be moved from room to room to carry that warmth and comfort throughout the house.

When it comes to purchasing a portable fireplace, they are often electric or propane powered.  When you are purchasing one for indoors it is usually recommended that you purchase electric over propane, though there are safe portable fireplaces that use propane that are safe for indoor use.  Always ensure that the area in which you plan to place your fireplace is safe for the fireplace itself.  You need a specific amount of distance between your fireplace and the rest of the items in the room, even if it does not have a real flame.  Ensure that you have a steady surface for your fireplace as well; meaning carpet is not the safest environment for your portable fireplace to sit since it can easily be knocked over.  A portable fireplace can be set on a remote control or it can be simply plugged in and ready to go.  Some portable units have built-in mantels that will travel wherever you take the unit, while others do not have a mantel.

Portable fireplaces will range in price anywhere from $70 to over $500.  The size of the unit, brand and the materials will greatly affect the price.  For a portable unit with a mantel a consumer can look to spend more like $500 for their unit, where as a smaller unit that is easily portable can be purchased for under $200.  Units that have features such as remote controls or automatic shut offs will cost more than the units that do not have them.

Portable fireplaces can be purchased both online and locally where home goods are sold.  Always factor in the cost of shipping when purchasing a unit online.  Portable fireplaces are not light in weight; therefore they can cost a considerable amount in shipping and make a consumer go over their purchase budget.  When you are looking online, ensure that the shipping costs do not make your unit more than one you can purchase locally.  A consumer can shop online at retailers such as Overstock, Amazon, EBay, Heat Surge, and CSN Stores.  If a consumer is going to do their shopping locally, they can visit retailers such as Target, Walmart, ACE Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, JC Penny and even Macys for their units.

Portable fireplaces can be a great addition to a home that cannot have a physical fireplace installed.  They can move with you from room to room and keep the ambiance flowing throughout the home.  They can also be a great alternative to using your heater in cold weather and possibly even drive down the overall cost of your heating bills.